Top 5 Most Influential Fictitious Characters

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Fictitious characters aren't real—unless, of course, you make them real. In most cases, when you close a book or end a movie, the character and his or her impact ends as well. But in some cases, characters refuse to be bound by the story in which they live, stepping out to have a significant social and cultural impact—sometimes so great you start questioning your definition of "real."
Top 5 Most Influential Fictitious Characters

5Carrie Bradshaw

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While Carrie Bradshaw was arguably the "lead," the award-winning television series "Sex and the City" and the movies that followed were the work of an ensemble cast, and every female viewer related to a particular character. More than that, Carrie and her friends opened a whole new world to the average woman. Suddenly, it was OK to splurge on a $400 pair of shoes—and it was perfectly fine to pair those $400 stilettos with a T-shirt and a $7 peasant skirt. Moreover, Bradshaw and the "Sex and the City" cast celebrated female friendships and the power of women to make their own way in life – making an undeniable imprint on society in the process.

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